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Magnificent Traces of Zeugma: Discover the Secrets of the Ancient City

Rising in the mysterious borders of Gaziantep, on the magical banks of the Euphrates River, the Ancient City of Belkıs/Zeugma awaits you. This ancient city, which has been a strategic attraction in every period of history, hosted the shining periods of the Roman Empire.

With its huge population of 80 thousand people, Zeugma was one of the largest cities in the world. This place, where villas are scattered on the slopes overlooking the Euphrates, will dazzle you with its ancient richness. Zeugma's history extends from Seleucus Nicator to the Roman Empire and bears the traces of every period.

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Discover the works of Belkıs (Zeugma) in thousands of works, cultures and geography!


Belkıs/Zeugma Ancient City is located on the banks of the Euphrates River within the borders of Belkıs Village, Nizip District, Gaziantep Province. Built on approximately 20 thousand acres of land…


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