Zeugma pictures and some Nizip pictures

In this gallery I show pictures from Nizip (in some books I found references to Belkis also, which I could not find on a map), the city nearest to Zeugma, and of Zeugma, the ancient city that has partly been submerged by the rising waters after a dam was erected in the Euphrates. The local folder has it Zeugma was founded as Seleucia Euphrates in 300 BC as part of the. The Wikipedia has it slightly different (and I do not know what to choose): [founded] by Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. King Seleucus almost certainly named the city Seleucia after himself; whether this city is, or can be, the city known as Seleucia on the Euphrates or Seleucia at the Zeugma is disputed. The population in the city at its peak was approximately 80,000. However, the mosaics you can now see in the Gaziantep museum are from rescue excavations when the water was rising, and what you can see now (and in my pictures) is not the part that delivered those mosaics. I was told there is a lot still waiting excavation in the area higher up a hill, I hope so, because I love those mosaics. I will hardly give captions, what you see is what I saw. I walked into the direction of the dam somewhat, hoping to see some of the submerged are, but didn't see anything special. Then back. On a few pictures there are some rainbow-like reflections on the lake, I wonder why.

Nizip is nothing special, but not bad, I took only a handful of pictures, sorry about that, but I wanted to move on. If you need to go to Zeugma from this town: you will almost certainly receive an offer to be taken there (for some money, shouldn't be much). I travelled with the man who had first brought me and 15 others in his minibus from Gaziantep, now driving only me at a decent rate and with no problem waiting for 1,5 hours at Zeugma.

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